Frequently Asked Questions

We supply our products to a number of wholesalers/cash and carrys throughout the UK. If you contact us and advise us of your location, we will happily direct you to the nearest place you can make your purchase.

We welcome building new relationships with potential wholesalers for our products. Please contact us to discuss this further.

We aim to price our products as competitively as possible when compared to other products.

Yes, we can arrange delivery, as with all suppliers there may be a charge involved.

The lead time for any product will depend on a number of factors, generally speaking, the lead time after final samples are approved, will be 8-10 weeks.

We choose a manufacturing location based on a number of factors. These include availability of materials, expertise of factories and whether we can control quality. Suffice to say that manufacturing locations are chosen after very careful consideration.

We ensure quality by managing the whole production process from start to finish, what sets us apart is that we maintain a regular presence at the manufacturing location to ensure quality at every stage of production.

Yes, we are happy to explore ways of developing products with partners.

Yes, we can help you source products.